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Tools For a Handyman

A Handyman is a maintenance professional who has the skills to fix a wide variety of problems. They can do everything from de-cluttering basements to building movable shelves. They can even install new tile or drywall. Some handymen are self employed, while others work for construction companies or repair service companies. Many also work for home warranty or property management companies. Some have vocational training in fields such as welding, electrical work, small appliance repair and construction.

Handymen are often in high demand because their skills are so versatile. They can do a lot of jobs for less than it would cost to hire someone with specialized trade skills. This makes them a valuable resource for homeowners who don’t have the time or the tools to complete their own projects. They can also save money by hiring a handyman instead of a more expensive contractor or plumber.

There are a number of different tools that every handyman should have in his tool box. These tools include a tape measure, which is useful for measuring lengths of wood or other materials, and a utility knife, which is good for cutting small pieces of material. Another important handyman tool is a stud finder, which helps to locate the studs behind walls. Other tools include a power drill, which is used to make holes in walls and other surfaces, and a framing nailer, which uses electricity or compressed air to shoot framing nails into wood. Handymen should also have a handheld shop vac, which is useful for cleaning up debris from jobsites.

Other specialty handyman tools that may be helpful include a voltage tester pen, which is a useful tool to help identify live AC voltage in wiring, and glow rods, which are used for detecting wires in attics or ceilings. Finally, a tool kit should have a variety of screws and other fasteners, as well as duct tape, which is useful for sealing and patching holes. Many handymen prefer to use cordless power tool sets, as they can be more mobile and reduce the risk of injuries caused by extension cables.

Some Handymen use online resources to learn the basic skills of their trade. Others take continuing education classes to keep up with new technologies or learn more about a particular field. Continuing education courses can help Handymen improve their skills and expand their knowledge base, which can increase their earning potential.

One of the most popular online resources for Handymen is The Family Handyman, which is a respected media brand that celebrates the process and pride of a project well done. The magazine offers accurate, fully tested content by a team of experts and former pros. In addition, The Family Handyman provides tools and tips that make it easy for anyone to create the home and lifestyle of their dreams. The site also features a community for DIYers to share their own ideas and solutions. For more information, visit The Family Handyman website.

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