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Scissor Lift Hire Cost Per Day UK

Scissor lift hire is a popular and safer alternative to ladders, scaffolding and work towers for many different types of jobs. These lifts are mobile and able to reach high areas without the need for any additional equipment such as steps or stabilisers, making them ideal for accessing high shelves in warehouses, painting or cleaning high-rise windows and more. They can also be used in residential environments to tackle ad-hoc repairs, tree trimming or other maintenance tasks.

Scissor lifts have a very simple design, making them easy to operate and manoeuvre. Their ability to fold down into a compact and portable machine also makes them easy to store and move between sites, increasing efficiency and productivity. They can be operated by anyone who has a valid PAL Card (powered access licence), meaning they are often used by both commercial contractors and individuals.

There are a number of different scissor lifts available for hire, each with its own benefits and features. Electric scissor lifts are the most common, providing a quiet and clean option for indoor use with plenty of power and a good working height level. They are easy to maneuver and can be easily driven through standard doors, so can be used in very tight spaces. These models tend to have a smaller deck size than diesel or pneumatic options but are still very capable.

Diesel scissor lifts scissor lift hire cost per day UK are heavier, wind rated and can reach higher working heights than their electrical counterparts. They are great for outdoor construction work or reaching high areas on building exteriors and come with outriggers for better stability. They are a more robust solution than an electric scissor lift and can be driven on rough terrain, though do not offer the same power and flexibility.

Pneumatic scissor lifts are another more specialised kind of scissor lift and use air or gas rather than liquid to operate. They can be very effective in situations where electricity is not easily accessible or when dealing with extreme temperatures that could affect electric lifts.

Rough terrain scissor lifts are designed for off-road use and follow a variety of safety regulations that set them apart from other kinds of scissor lifts. They are often a better choice for outdoor construction or maintenance, offering greater versatility than electric or diesel models. They are typically more robust, have extra features for safety and some even feature auto-levelling tracks that can overcome step-like changes in ground level. This makes them a great choice for rough terrain or difficult to navigate jobs.

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