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Local Dentists Emmett

For all of his life, Richard Emmett always made it a point to see his local dentists Emmett for routine cleanings and evaluations. His father, on the other hand, had encouraged Richard to visit his dentist whenever he could for fear that his father was not receiving the best oral health care he needed. As a child, Richard used to be excited about going to see his dentist. Now, that he is an adult and in need of treatment for a health problem, however, he wonders what all of the fuss was about.

local dentists Emmett

“There was this one time when my dad asked if I wanted to come in for an inspection,” says Richard. “He said there was a really good dentist down the street from us and he didn’t even need to see him. That was over 20 years ago and I never forgot that experience. I wish that I could have gone to him so he could have done more for my teeth. Maybe he would have saved me from getting teeth pulled.”

At first glance, Richard’s aversion to the dental office can seem unreasonable given the level of care and attention he receives. However, he knows that his daily experiences with his doctor do not leave him with any doubts. “I always ask myself if he (the doctor) feels like he cares about me as a person. If he does, he will give me all of the attention and treatment I need.”

Since Richard and his family have moved several times, their visits are a bit sporadic. Still, there are some things that are a constant. The staff at Emmett’s has always been willing to listen to patients and address their concerns with a patient-centric attitude. This has enabled Richard to develop close relationships with some of the staff members, which has improved his overall health.

In addition to regular checkups and cleaning, Richard gets his teeth cleaned and his gums looked at by his oral surgeon on a weekly basis. This, too, has been an effective way for Richard to bond with the team of doctors and staff members that work so well with him. “People feel more comfortable seeing someone who they know will take good care of them when they come into their offices,” he states. Patients appreciate being pampered with the extra attention that goes into their visit.

“It is nice to be appreciated,” says Richard. “I think that the more people you can help in your everyday life, the better off you’ll be. I’ve learned that if you treat people the right way, whether it be a dentist, a nurse or a receptionist, they will return the favor.” Dentists like Richard who communicate with their patients on a daily basis show their patients a very good example of caring and nurturing.

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