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Layer 7 Protection Thank you

Layer 7 Protection Thank you

A common question when trying to decide on which layer of body armour is best is Layer 7 Protection Thank you?” This is often asked as a standard, regardless of where the wearer is participating in an active sport. There are three layers to safety clothing, each having a particular purpose and providing differing levels of protection:

Protection from burns or punctures is the most important benefit of this type of vest. It provides protection from burns, cuts or tearing. While it cannot deal with bullets fired by firearms, it will stop the most common means of injury during active sports. If you are seriously participating in sports like ice hockey or football, then this should be your top priority. However, it is important to realize that even the least expensive vest will protect against blunt force trauma and not necessarily concussions caused by contact with the head.

The next layer of protection to consider is effectiveness. A vest is only as effective as the wearer. Because it can be difficult to judge how effective a vest is, it is often recommended to wear a layer seven protection rating to be certain that your vest will offer you the level of protection you need. For example, if you were participating in a game of soccer, wearing a one-piece carbon fiber vest would probably not be as useful as two-layer or three-layer carbon fiber materials would be. You should also consider layers of protection beyond the layer seven in your selection.

This layer protects you from objects penetrating through your skin. While most people do not require this level of protection, it is good to know that it is there, especially for those sports involving repetitive movement. A good example of a sport that requires this layer is street bikers, who often spend hours on their bikes. Some of the street bikers I have known have required layer seven protection in order to prevent puncture wounds from hairbrushes, rocks kicked up by other vehicles or hit in the area between their bike’s tires.

You may also choose a vest with a reflective layer. This will allow you to see what is going on in your immediate area. There are many situations where I would recommend a reflective layer. For example, I always put on my Diamondback vest when I am out hiking in the woods. If I had not, I could likely become lost in the dense underbrush.

Lastly, it is important to consider the overall size of the vest. Because it is important to fit it properly, it is important to make sure you measure your torso and choose a vest that fits properly. If you end up choosing a vest with too large a size, you run the risk of it coming off during an activity. On the other hand, if you choose a vest with a size too small, it may not provide the adequate protection that you need and could make you more susceptible to injury.

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