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Sierra Lutheran Church is a bible
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Invent Help

Established in 1984, Invent Help is designed as a comprehensive resource for inventors in their quest for patentable ideas. They will assist you in filing your patents and in securing protection for your inventions. They also provide resources to help you prepare your invention application, connect you with qualified patent attorneys, counsel, and offer services such as guidance with the invention filing process. Invent Help will also provide assistance with paperwork preparation, determining a patentability strategy, and attending international tournaments for the protection of your invention. Invent Help is operated by the X-tera Institute, a non-profit membership organization.

Invent Help

Patent Attorneys Inventories: Invent Help will make available patent attorneys who specialize in your specific field of invention. By engaging a patent attorney, you can be assured that your legal needs will be handled by an experienced professional with a proven track record of winning claims for clients. Typically, inventors will search for patent attorneys in the same areas as they seek business counsel. X-tera provides the patent attorneys listed at its website.

Inventories: The inventors will have the option to send their completed invention to the patent office or submitting it to a virtual inventory. If the invention is sent to the patent office, X-tera will first create a digital file of the invention online. Once the inventing process has concluded, X-tera will then deliver the digital file via the Internet to the patent office. At this time, the inventors are under no obligation to submit their inventions to the patent office; however, submitting it to a virtual inventory will protect inventors from the cost of serving a legal citation and developing a physical copy of the invention prior to submitting it to the patent office.

Patent Managers Inventories: Similar to invent inventing and submission, inventories are the next important step for submitting an invention to the patent office. Every step in the patenting process (from invention to delivery to patent offices) is an effort that should be tracked. As with inventing, inventors should engage the services of patent attorneys. Patent attorneys will ensure that every step in the patenting process is captured.

Patent Applications: Patent applications must undergo a significant amount of review before they are submitted to the Patent Office. One significant step in the patenting process is the “pre-appointment” stage, during which a client’s invention is reviewed by an examiner. An examiner will examine the invention to determine whether it is legally patentable. Each client will be advised on how to answer questions posed by the examiner, and each answer will be recorded. This information will be necessary when a client submits the application to the Patent Office.

Patent Attorneys: After submitting their patent application, inventors must engage the services of a patent attorney. The purpose of a patent attorney is not only to assist the client in developing legal documents, but also to ensure that the documents are properly filed with federal agencies. A patent attorney represents the inventor in all legal proceedings, such as patent applications and international lamentations. A patent attorney will make sure that a client obtains the approval of the Patent Office before submitting the patent application. Additionally, the patent attorney will work with the other parties tolices involved in the invention to make sure the application complies with all of the applicable requirements.

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