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Information About Patent Attorneys


Invent Help is an innovative, high-quality inventor support business that offers many services to innovative inventors so that they can reach their goals by ensuring they are able to achieve a patent on their inventions. InventHelp helps you patent your idea, package your idea, give a low-cost no-obligation patent quote, and guide you through the patent process. This is extremely helpful for those who are just starting out with an idea for a product or technology or those who have had prior inventions that might need protection. The services offered by InventHelp also include legal assistance in the form of a patent attorney, support and guidance through the patent drafting process, technical consultation, marketing and branding advice, and assistance with the creation of business documents.

The inventorship process can be very confusing for many inventors. The first step in the process is generally the filing of a US patent application that will then be referred to a patent examiner. If the examiner deems the application eligible for patent protection, he/she will assign an examiner to perform an examination of the invention. There are now 9000 companies that work with InventHelp to provide this patent assistance to entrepreneurs and inventors throughout the US.

Once an application is filed with the Patent Office, it must then be referred to a Compliance Officer who will determine whether the invention meets the requirements for patentability. If the examination determines that the invention meets the requirements for patentability, an examiner will assign an Examiner to the case. At this point, if the Examiner finds that the complainant has not sufficiently described the invention in a way that satisfies the requirement for patentability, he/she will assign the case to a Counselor. If necessary, the complainant can request a reexamination hearing with an alternative examiner. In either case, the complainant will need to obtain written authorization from the client that agrees to the terms of the reexamination.

After the case has been assigned to a counsel, it will be up to the inventor to decide if he wishes to move forward with the patent filing. If no action has been taken, the inventorship case will be returned to the Registration Office for further review. At this point, the inventor may choose to continue to make sure the invention is unique. This includes communicating with InventHelp staff to make sure all the details are correct. Communication with the staff also gives the inventor time to make sure that all the steps necessary to file the patent are taken. This includes making sure the invention is legally acceptable to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as well as completing the submission of the necessary paperwork to the office.

Some inventors choose not to pursue a claim based on InventHelp. If this occurs, the invention can be freely shared among the inventors without fear that the complaint will become public knowledge. The reason for this is that once an invention becomes public knowledge, the only way that other parties can make money off of it is to file lawsuits against those who have violated it. However, if it turns out that a competitor is guilty of infringing on an invention, then that competitor may be liable for damages. InventHelp staff can provide this information to clients in writing if they choose to do so.

Some inventors with pending patent applications turn to InventHelp or similar services for advice and guidance. If an invention is particularly complex or seems to be a red flag to patent attorneys, then consulting an InventHelp professional may be advisable. In the vast number of cases handled by this patent attorney, his experience allows him to better understand where a client may stand and whether pursuing the patent would be in his or her best interest. InventHelp also provides the client with a list of attorneys who handle patent claims in his area so that he can select one to proceed with his invention.

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