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Dependable Services for Knotweed Surveys and Solutions

Japanese knotweed is a well-established and highly invasive species that has become a major cause for concern for homeowners, developers and landowners across the UK. It can cause serious damage to buildings and surfaces, but perhaps reliable knotweed survey solutions its biggest impact is property blight; knotweed’s presence on a site or property can affect its value, potentially deter potential buyers from making an offer and/or stopping mortgage lenders from approving a loan.

Despite its widespread impact, there is still much confusion and uncertainty about how best to deal with this problematic plant. For instance, some people believe that cutting the knotweed is a suitable solution, but this is only a short-term fix and it will grow back as soon as it is cut. Others recommend chemical control methods, but these can be dangerous to people and pets.

A more effective and cost-effective approach is to implement a comprehensive Japanese knotweed management plan. PBA Solutions can provide a full range of industry-accredited Japanese knotweed removal and treatment packages, enabling you to achieve a fully eradicated site with minimum disruption to your business. Depending on your site conditions, budget and timescales, we can also offer a range of different remediation techniques including:

In order to understand the scale of their Japanese knotweed problem, property owners should commission a survey by an experienced, professional weed control company. The survey will assess the extent of the infestation and determine if it requires immediate action or is at a stage where a management plan can be put in place. A Japanese knotweed survey can also help to prevent the risk of a property’s value being diminished in the future by demonstrating that the site is adequately managed and the invasive weed has not spread to neighbouring sites.

Building and valuation surveyors are often more focused on the built structures on a plot of land than they are on identifying plants in outdoor spaces, which means that Japanese knotweed is frequently missed when it is encountered during property surveys. However, with the RICS publication of their ‘Japanese Knotweed and Residential Property’ paper, it is now possible for surveyors to flag up this property risk and prevent it from being a major barrier to obtaining mortgage finance.

Surveys should be undertaken by a trained and insured weed specialist, with experience of working on sites with known Japanese knotweed problems. They should have an in-depth knowledge of the species and be able to identify it correctly from other indigenous flora.

A weed specialist will use GPS mapping technology and CAD software to accurately map the site, plotting each area of infestation and highlighting areas where remediation is required. They will then advise on a Japanese knotweed treatment package that meets your site’s requirements, taking into consideration budgets, timelines and site conditions, such as groundwater protection zones. We are proud members of the Property Care Association’s ‘Invasive Weed Control Group’, meaning you can be sure that we deliver a high standard of service and will be able to guarantee your Japanese knotweed removal for up to 10 years with an insurance-backed warranty option.

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