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Bus Shelter Suppliers

Bus shelters provide a comfortable place for passengers to wait and protect them from wind, rain and snow. They can also help reduce crime and traffic congestion by making it more attractive to ride the bus. They can be found in a variety of locations including busy city streets, airports and suburban bus stops. Many shelters are built with seating for commuters, a place to buy snacks and drinks, digital information displays and real-time data on upcoming buses. Some of the most innovative designs are by architects from around the world and include elements such as movable shade, rainwater collection and solar panels to reduce energy costs.

Choosing the right bus shelter supplier can be an important decision for agencies and communities that want to purchase these public amenities. The table below includes featured bus shelter suppliers, with their company name, year founded, employee count and estimated annual revenue.

Manufacturer of standard and custom transit shelters. Designs include flat deckpan roofs, barrel glazed and standing seam hip or gable roofs. The walls can be clad with tempered safety glass, insulated glass or polycarbonate. Other features can be added such as solar lighting, map lights and cases and leaning rails.

In addition to providing a sense of place, the design of a bus shelter should reflect the area in which it is located. This can be done through the use of local materials and the architectural design details. For example, a large clock on the side of the shelter can signify that it is in a busy downtown area. It is also a good idea to put an information kiosk in the same location as the shelter so that riders can receive schedules and routes when they are waiting for the next bus.

These shelters can also serve as an effective marketing tool for businesses. They are often placed near retail locations that sell products that can be used while waiting for the bus, such as restaurants and shops; or in areas that experience high levels of traffic and need a sense of security. Bus shelters can also be located in large office buildings or near hospitals to provide convenience for employees who rely on public transportation.

These bus shelters are designed to be as durable and easy to maintain as possible. They are made of a weather resistant material such as aluminum and can be powder coated in a wide range of colors to match the surrounding environment. They have thick tempered safety glass that can withstand harsh weather conditions, such as hail or wind. Many are also able to withstand graffiti, so that they will remain in pristine condition for years. This can be an especially helpful feature in urban areas where a lot of graffiti is found. Other bus shelters are made of stainless steel, which is a more expensive option but is highly durable as well.

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