Ladrillo Project

Week-1 Leslie Niebas Family

Ladrillo is the name for brick in Spanish. What we do is help build brick houses in Mexico for others who are surviving in structures made of pallets, cardboard and corrugated metal.


Starting in the year 2000, Sierra Evangelical Lutheran Church began assisting in building shelters in Agua Prieta, Mexico. Teaming up with Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Douglas the SELC crew assisted in the construction of a halfway house for men on their was back into society in Agua Prieta.


Taking the construction knowledge they gained in 2000, SELC agreed in 2001 to fund and construct a house on their own. The challenge for 2001 was that the existing dwelling the family was living in had to be moved due to the fact that their new house was going to be where the current structure was. After a weekend of disassembling the existing dwelling and and rebuilding it, half the size it was, the new footing could be dug and poured the following week. Once the new home was completed, the family could move from a house made up of pallets and cardboard to a house constructed of bricks, wood and metal.


In 2002 another home was constructed in the same area, with more SELC members contributing their time and talents.


With good weather and the SELC crew gaining construction experience, two homes were completed in 2003, 2004 and again in 2007. The second house each year was only possible though generous donations of funds from SELC friends and members.


The second home in 2004 was finished just in time for the expecting mother to have a new home to move into after the birth of her child.


If you have a talent for baking, making quilts, sharing you time with the local children, a willing attitude to learn how to use a trowel, hammer or shovel, we can use you help to build another house this year.


If you think you can help in any way, why not be a part of the team for this year and make a difference for at least one more family.




  • Do you like to: Teach others?
  • Do you like to: Make quilts and donate them to the future homeowners?
  • Do you like to: Work with your hands?

Then maybe becoming one of the many SELC members and friends of members that have assisted in the support and construction of our next house in Agua Prieta, Mexico is for you.


***** Ladrillo Project for 2012/2013 Home *****



*****  FINISHED FOR 2013  *****



We started building a new home in Agua Prieta, Mexico on Saturday October 13th 2012. Our first workday was a Saturday day trip to build the foundation for the home.  

Out next workdays were Friday November 2nd and Saturday November 3rd. We stayed overnight at the Exchange Dormitory in Agua Prieta (where we store our tools/supplies).  Cost was $10/day and includes the meal if you stay overnight


Please call Christie Brown at 278-2528 to RSVP or email her at


The remaining 2013 work days were Saturdays Jan. 19th, Jan. 26th, Feb. 9th and Saturday Feb. 23rd



The home for Leslie Sugey Nieblas and her 4 children was completed in Agua Prieta, Mexico on March 2, 2013.



The home was blessed by Pastor Mark and the team would like to thank all who participated this year.



Muchas Gracias para Todos



Christie and Michael Brown


*****  FINISHED FOR 2013  *****


 A passport book or passport card is required.


For up to date travel information on the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, review the State Dept. websites at:

 and for Mexico specific travel information.


The Douglas Customs office phone number is: 520-364-8486.



June 25, 2017



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