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How to Fix Foggy Windows Without Replacing the Whole Window

If you’ve ever tried to clean fog off the glass of a double pane window, you know that it can be tricky. The foggy windows are frustrating to see through, and they can even lead to other problems such as wood rot on the window frame or mold growth.

If your windows are foggy and you’re tired of wiping them clean, it’s time to consider a window repair option. In some cases, foggy windows can be easily repaired without replacing the entire window.

1. Fix the Window Seal That Is Failing

The most common cause of foggy windows is a broken window seal. Often, this occurs when the seal on an insulated double-pane window breaks because of moisture buildup. This is especially common when the windows are located in a wet or humid climate, as the wood of the window frame is very susceptible to water damage.

2. Defog the Window to Improve Visibility

If you don’t want to replace your insulated double-pane windows, a professional window defogger can help. This technique costs about half of what you would spend for an IGU replacement and will give your window an increase in visibility.

3. Rebuild the Seal between the Window Panes

When a double-pane window fails to seal properly, air gets into the space between the window panes and moisture builds up, leaving fog. This can be a frustrating experience, but it’s not impossible to restore the seal and eliminate the Foggy Windows Repair.

4. Install Vents to Keep Fog Out

If the fog is in the inner pane, a repair specialist can drill holes in the glass to let the moisture out. This can be done quickly and can be a great solution for those who are looking to have their foggy windows fixed, but don’t want to invest in an entire window replacement.

5. Invest in Weatherstripping

The air between your window panes is an important part of maintaining the energy efficiency of your home. A properly installed weatherstripping can prevent air from escaping through the glass and make your house more comfortable during the wintertime.

6. Rebuild the Window Seal Between the Panes

If your double-pane windows are fogging, it’s time to have a professional window seal expert assess your home. Often, this will uncover the root cause of the problem and determine whether it’s possible to repair the seal.

7. Defog the Window to Improve Visibility

A relatively new alternative to completely replacing your windows is defogging them. This service is available from a number of companies, but it’s not as widely accepted or marketed as IGU replacement.

8. Rebuild the Window Seal Between the Panes

The first step in repairing your fogged windows is to remove the sash and the window. If you’re using wooden windows, you will need to drill out the screws that hold the sash to the window. If you’re using vinyl, you can probably simply sand down the sash and put it back on the window.

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